Man at Desk

Brian Eykholt


I've always liked writing stories in school because it was enjoyable being able to create new worlds and interesting characters. I took a long break from writing but I want to do something that will make my mark on the world.


From the Bottom of the Bay

August 30, 2019

Alexa Drake spends her days working at the shipping yard, forced to take jobs on cargo freighters when they come up to pay the rent and secretly smuggle whatever for whomever in the seedy city of San Francisco. Though she just wants to leave the city, life can be cruel and may turn this young woman into something else, something twisted.


About the Author

I grew up in Massachusetts and attended Salem State University after graduating from high school, studying Biology and finishing with a Bachelor's degree. I had enjoyed writing stories in grade school but wanted to focus more on science. In January 2019, I felt unhappy with my current work environment and decided to pull out my old laptop that I used in high school and got back into writing again.



Escondido, CA


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